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Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Test: Ist Ihr Windows ein Original?

Single-File-Version (05.06.1999)

Index-Based-Version (Archive - filtered view)

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Symptom Date Source D/L
enPC Gen: Contents of Modem Script File NULLMODM.MDM30.10.2006Q80261466
enPC Ext: Diagnostics Produced by the -Q2z Parameter on External30.10.2006Q80272433
en"Missing Operating System" and "No ROM BASIC" Error Messages16.11.2006Q80304561
enHow to Rebuild the Default Windows REG.DAT File30.10.2006Q803931.208
enBudget Report Does Not Show Transfers in Money16.11.2006Q80453378
enPC Win: Scroll Bar on Compose Note Jumps Up and Down30.10.2006Q80653463
enWorks: File Sharing in Works16.11.2006Q80705431
enWD97: Printing a Range of Pages in a Multiple-Section Document16.11.2006Q81207548
deDOCERR: Problems with CodeView for Windows and FORTRAN05.05.2001Q81543314
deConverting Apple Sound Files to Wave Format09.10.1999Q81573280
enHow to Increase the Maximum Recording Time in the Sound Recorder Utility18.01.2007Q82215457
enCommand Piped in Root Directory May Hang Machine07.07.2005Q82216418
enPC Win: Meeting Request Subject Incorrect in Shared Folder30.10.2006Q82268508
enATTRIB Command May Inadvertently Remove File Attributes12.05.2003Q82270474
enStack Overflow Can Cause Windows to Hang18.01.2007Q82318471
enUsing Multiple CD-ROM Drives on One Machine07.07.2005Q82469449
enCauses of General Protection Faults and Troubleshooting Tips18.01.2007Q827101.535
enGeneral Information About Print Manager and Windows
enHow Windows Prints to a Network13.10.2003Q82747447
enUsing LPT1.OS2, LPT1.DOS, or FILE: Ports When Printing10.10.2003Q82749453
enRe-Registering .REG Files10.10.2003Q82814502
enMetafile (MS Draw) and Bitmap (Paintbrush) Pictures14.10.2003Q82817458
enRegistration Info Editor (REGEDIT) Command-Line Switches10.10.2003Q82821544
enButtons and Boxes on the Works for Windows Tool Bar Overlap16.11.2006Q82881403
enSolver Uses Generalized Reduced Gradient Algorithm16.11.2006Q82890881
enFunction of the Most Recently Used File List16.11.2006Q82908442
enPC Win: Err Msg: Stack Fault in MSSPELL.DLL30.10.2006Q82915441
enPC Win: Err Msg: This Name or Comment Is Too Long30.10.2006Q82921457
enPC Win: Shared Folder Status Bar Has No Message Count30.10.2006Q82922455
enMethods to Detect a Boot-Sector Virus16.11.2006Q829231.204
enBUG: Common Dialog GP-Fault on ESC Key with Mouse Button Down24.02.2004Q83009683
enSAMPLE: Navigating a Windows Help File Topic Hierarchy04.08.2004Q83010336
enSemicolons Cannot Separate Macros in .HPJ File11.12.2001Q83020450
deFIX: Tracing into MOVE Startup May Cause R6915 Error26.06.2001Q83089306
enUsing Extended ASCII Characters (Not Found on Keyboard)10.05.2003Q83275442
enHow To Use the WM_GETDLGCODE Message30.08.2004Q83302572
deChanging the Title of Unit Windows in QuickWin Programs05.05.2001Q83327381
enUnlocking Large-Model Extra Data Segments04.08.2004Q83363439
deWindows 3.0a Printer Drivers: File Sizes & Supported Printers07.07.2005Q83408985
enFreeing Memory in a DDEML Server Application02.08.2004Q83413439
enGeneral Overview of Win32s12.04.2004Q83520481
enWorks: INTR <FIELDNAME> Does Not Print or Preview16.11.2006Q83866444
enHow to Draw an Ellipse with Circle Statement in VB12.12.2003Q83906401
enFreeing Memory for Transactions in a DDEML Client App02.08.2004Q83912541
enHow To Create a Topmost or Floating Window in Visual Basic29.06.2004Q84251451
enHow to Use the STACKS= Setting in the CONFIG.SYS File12.05.2003Q84300439
deBUG: Incorrect Jump to ERR Label in Windows DLLs07.11.1999Q84331522
deSounds Option Unavailable in Alarm Clock13.11.1999Q84431450
enTroubleshooting Print-Sharing Devices18.01.2007Q84491717
enWD: Can't Recover Password-Protected Document If Password Lost16.11.2006Q84545499
enPRB: DateValue Argument Gives "Illegal Function Call" Error12.12.2003Q84547436
enWD97: "Margins Set Outside Printable Area of Page"16.11.2006Q84647462
enWorks: Double-Spacing Occurs When Using Generic/Text Driver16.11.2006Q84859486
enPC Win: No Paperclip Icon on Message with OLE Object30.10.2006Q84884484
enUse Extended Memory to Build Larger Windows Help Files04.08.2004Q84931473
enHow To Debug a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) in Windows15.07.2004Q85221777
enHow To Debug a Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) in Windows15.07.2004Q85221777
enBUG: GetModuleFileName() Returns Relative File Path06.11.1999Q85330531
enBUG: System Menu Wrong for CS_NOCLOSE-Style MDI Child11.02.2004Q85331468
enWT1249: Pure Black and White Printing Add-in16.11.2006Q85342408
enWD: Blank Page After Odd Page or Even Page Section Break16.11.2006Q85392894
enFile Manager Shows Garbled Date for Year 2000 or Later22.08.2006Q855571.715
enNo Typeover Feature with Write, Cardfile, Notepad, or Calendar07.07.2005Q85583425
enApplication Cannot Clear the Windows Help History List05.11.1999Q85594407
enBUG: SETCOLORTABLE Escape Disables Dithering06.11.1999Q85596441
enBUG: GetGlyphOutline() Returns Blank Bitmap11.02.2005Q85598450
enPC Adm: Err Msg: Notice 56: Error Deleting User Address30.10.2006Q856471.529
enPC Win: Packaged Object Icon Changes After Reading30.10.2006Q85672437
enSources of Information about the Windows Help Compiler14.02.2005Q85677457
enPC Win: Two OLE Objects on One Line Print on Two Lines30.10.2006Q85695472
enBUG: Input Focus Lost When Control Returns From Windows Help11.02.2005Q85896470
enFILE: Winsock.exe Windows Socket API Specification Version30.08.2004Q85965451
enPC Win: Embedded Paintbrush Object Does Not Print Color30.10.2006Q85967412
enPC Win: Excel 4.0 Chart May Appear Smaller Than Normal30.10.2006Q85968409
enPC Win: Multiple Update Prompts with OLE Objects30.10.2006Q85969417
enPC Win: Missing Information in Paste Special Dialog Box30.10.2006Q85970447
enHow To Print Form or Client Area to Size on PostScript or PCL Printer11.02.2005Q85978309
enPC Win: Space Requirements Incorrect on Custom Setup30.10.2006Q86003409
enPRB: DLL Function Returns Float or Double Value Incorrectly30.10.2003Q86081410
enPC Win: Unexpected Exit Permanently Locks Shared Folder30.10.2006Q86082446
enPC WSPlus: Friendly Name Does Not Change When Updated16.08.2005Q86085389
enPC Win: OLE Object Redraws Slowly in Message30.10.2006Q86090451
enPC Win: OLE Apps Have Unexpected Window Stacking Order30.10.2006Q86091451
enPC Win: Highlighting OLE Objects Within Message30.10.2006Q86092420
enPC Win: Attach Dialog Box May Update Improperly30.10.2006Q86093468
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Address Book]30.10.2006Q86094482
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Commands]30.10.2006Q86095408
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Messages]30.10.2006Q86096410
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Mac File Types]30.10.2006Q86097406
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [MS Proofing Tools]30.10.2006Q86098466
enPC Win: MSMAIL.INI Entries in [Custom Menus]30.10.2006Q86099403
enPRB: IBM Proprinter Draft Mode Unavailable Under Windows
enPC Win: Drag/Drop Makes Folder Hierarchy Display Incorrect30.10.2006Q86315407
enPC Win: From Field Changes Friendly Name to Login Name30.10.2006Q86316434
enPC Win: Message Finder Icon Does Not Update30.10.2006Q86317434
enPC Win: Update Message when Closing Unfinished OLE Object30.10.2006Q86319432
enPC Win: Cannot Minimize Message Finder Using Keyboard30.10.2006Q86321443
enPC Win: Creating Subfolders Illegally Under Shared Folders30.10.2006Q86324460
enPC Win: Text in Comment Field Not Selected30.10.2006Q86325423
enPC Win: Header Displayed in Message Body30.10.2006Q86329408
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